Bali Hut Roof Replacement

Bali Hut Roof Replacement

colorbond iron roof bali hutsThe Need for a Bali Hut Roof Replacement

Any garden structure, whether a gazebo, cabana, pool hut or other type needs to look good as well as being fully functional. One of the most crucial elements is the roof since this has to keep you cool in hot weather and dry when it rains.

All types of roofs are likely to deteriorate at some time in their lives although some are more robust than others. Thatched roofs, in particular, are prone to damage by violent storms, birds and other creatures, rot and fire. This is much less likely for Bali Oasis roofs, which are properly constructed of high quality materials and with the application of fire retardant but will still occur at some time, possibly requiring a full roof replacement.

Colorbond Gazebo built in North Ryde

Colorbond Gazebo built in North Ryde

Considerations and Options

You should undertake regular inspections of the thatch, particularly after a storm, to check for damage. This will be apparent if the thatch looks sparse or rainwater is seeping through the roof. At this point, you’ll need to consider your options, which may be to:

  • replace with further natural grass thatch
  • switch to tiles made from African Cape Reed that can be cut to size and nailed or stapled into place
  • use asphalt shingles that can be nailed in an overlapping pattern to give a waterproof covering
  • install a Colorbond steel roof that is available in a variety of colours.

The last two options are the most durable and long-lasting, with asphalt shingles having a life expectancy of forty years and Colorbond even longer — up to sixty years or more, although the colour may fade slightly in hot sunshine. Natural grass is probably the most aesthetically pleasing of all choices, giving a rustic appearance, although it requires the most maintenance and needs to be replaced soonest. Cape Reed tiles are a good compromise, blending a rustic appearance with greater longevity than grass thatch.

All coverings will be rainproof if installed correctly and all provide excellent insulation to keep you cool in high temperatures, although an insulating layer may be needed for shingles and steel roofs. The latter may be the least pleasing on the eye but are extremely functional and low maintenance.

Get the Best Replacement Roof

Whatever material you choose for your Bali hut roof replacement, it’s essential you choose your supplier carefully. A poor quality replacement will result in problems from the start and further repair or replacement required all too soon.

At Bali Oasis, we are very meticulous and take great care to do the best job possible. We want to create a roof that looks great, functions well, lasts a long time and creates exactly the impression you want.

Whether we undertake a partial re-thatch or a full re-roof, we remove and dispose of all defective roofing and then replace with the highest quality of materials. We use only the best Alang Alang grass thatch, African Cape Reed tiles, premium asphalt shingles and genuine Colorbond roofing. We’ll also replace any faulty beams and other components with top quality Australian pine that’s treated against rot.

We take as much pride in the finished product as you will so you can be certain of a perfect and long-lasting outcome.

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