Has your Thatch Hut been the victim to bad weather, storm damage, old age or even bad Thatching?

Bali Oasis can help! We are the market leaders when it comes to ReThatching Huts, Gazebos, Pavilions or Cabanas. We are the Thatch Repairer of Choice by NRMA, GIO and AAMI.

Re-Thatched Hut roof in Kincumber

Re-Thatched Hut roof in Kincumber

Many circumstances can impact on the life of a thatched structure:

  • Moisture retention
  • High winds
  • Storm damage
  • Poor thatching techniques
  • Wildlife

We can consult on the options of your thatched structure, for the best outcome on a case by case basis.

african hut roof rethatching

Before & After

The way the structure is built and thatched correctly is vital to give the thatched roof the best chance of longevity, looks and durability. The steeper the roof the better water runs off and less chance of moisture getting trapped in the thatch, which causes microbiological activity with the thatch breaking down prematurely.

We construct thatched roofs at 38-40 degrees, unless specific conditions restricts us to do so. Thatch quality and spacing is another huge variable to impact the thatched structures, Huts, Gazebos, Pavilions or Cabanas.

Bali Hut Re-thatch

bali hut re-thatching

Before & After

bali hut roof re-thatching

Bali Alang Alang Thatch roof spacing is important! This is why we have chosen to thatch our Balinese Huts at a standard of 75mm. By doing this and using our Premium grade materials, you are guaranteed to have a Hut that is built to resist the elements and last a lot longer!

We have worked hard to create the best techniques and practices to ensure that our Huts look better, last longer and stay water proof. We achieve this by adding extra thatched material to our hip covers, the spacing between mud bugs on the hips is shorter (Resulting in more thatch = longer lasting), thatch is attached to the side of hip plate and to the underside of hip plate. All this results in more thatch material and longer lasting hips!

Where a hipped roof is thatched, mud bugs are attached to a hip plate to cover the corners. In most instances it is the thatched hips that will typically decay, wear, show holes and need maintenance first.

Installing hips correctly is vital and we make sure this is done correctly by pre-manufacturing the thatched hip plates on a job by job basis in our dedicated factory ensuring quality control and less mess on site.

The Quality of the Alang Alang Bali Thatch is of huge importance when Thatching or Rethatching any Bali Hut

We have sourced the highest quality export Thatch available

We have sourced the highest quality export Thatch available

We import directly from Indonesia. Our thatch is the white string version, which lasts much longer, looks nicer and is of the highest quality export grade. This means the thatch is thicker, denser and woven onto stronger Bamboo pieces ensuring it is the best quality for the Australian conditions and climate. Our typical thatch length is 2.5 metres long but can be easily cut down to the desired length.

At Bali Oasis, we use the latest technology tools to fasten the thatch to its rafters. A Paslode gas stapler is used with 50mm galvanised staples. This ensures that the thatch is fastened correctly and will not loosen. All the other fixtures, such as hip plate screws are class 4 Galvanised Batten Screws.

Alang Alang Fire Retardant

We also offer Fire Retardant Alang Alang Bali Thatch for any Rethatching project. This is still the same high quality thatch but has been treated and certified as a fire retardant product.

Fire Retardant Alang Alang Bali Thatch for any Rethatching project

Fire Retardant Alang Alang Bali Thatch for any Rethatching project

Our Fire Retardant thatch is fully submerged in a tank that has the fire retardant solution penetrate all the way through, ensuring 100% of the product is coated. Some cheaper fire thatch is  superficially sprayed or lightly coated, this will not work as successfully in a fire and will wear off in a couple of years.

The fire retardant thatch has been fully tested and certified by the CSIRO and AWTA product testing. The product is safe and can give peace of mind in fire prone areas or even where BBQ’s are used.

For the keen DIY enthusiast, we can supply the African Thatch tiles, top cone and Bali Alang Alang Thatch. We can give advice and explain the process needed or even help with working out the number of thatch pieces needed for the individual job. The thatch can be delivered to the Hunter Region, including Newcastle, the Central Coast or Sydney, or picked up from our factory on the Central Coast.

Bali Re-thatching process

We replace Thatch with new Premium Thatch. We “Wet and Rake” the Thatch to make the roof look neat and tidy

We replace Thatch with new Premium Thatch. We “Wet and Rake” the Thatch to make the roof look neat and tidy

A typical Re-Thatch process would proceed like this:

  • You supply as much information as possible, including internal & external photos and dimensions of your thatched roof. This will enable us to give you a brief on the options for your Re-Thatch and supply you with an accurate quote detailing the work to be performed. In some cases it may be possible for us to do a site visit for inspection.
  • Once the quote has been finalised and you the client are happy to proceed, we will book in the job.
  • After arriving on site we will make sure to keep our work area tidy at all times, please keep in mind that Re-Thatching can be quite messy.
  • We will remove the thatch and if agreed in the quote, discard appropriately. We will then de-nail the structure and remark according to the desired thatch spacing. The new Premium Thatch is then installed.
  • During the Bali Thatch installation, we “wet and rake” the thatch. We regard this step as being vital to an overall good thatching job, as it straightens the thatch, removes loose material, making the Hut look groomed and finished.
  • When all the thatched strips have been installed, the thatched hips are then attached. It is important to have the top sealed up to ensure the thatch longevity and water proof seal.
  • If we are not using the existing top decoration, we can supply the new desired ridge cover or crown. In most cases we will use the traditional terracotta tiles. These come in several finishes. It can be the plain flat finish terracotta ridge tile or we can add the fancy terracotta versions or terracotta Bali crown.
  • We pluck the internals of the Bali Thatch. This ensures all loose pieces are removed, thatch is straight and looking just as you expected! This is vital to the appealing great looks of the internal thatch!
  • Finally we will do our best to make the site clean and tidy ready for you to admire your freshly thatched Hut and entertaining area.

We are the Re-Thatching Specialist and Repairer of choice by major insurance companies. We have fixed plenty of Huts for you to be sure we will build it right, the first time!

African Hut Re-thatch

African Hut Re- Thatched in Coffs Harbour

African Hut Re- Thatched in Coffs Harbour

The African roof or Cape reed tiles can also be replaced and Re-Thatched to freshen up that tired looking Hut, Gazebo, Pavilion or Cabana.

We source the top of the range quality African Cape Reed Thatch, imported directly from Africa. The thatch comes in form of a tile, measuring 800mm x 450mm x 25mm.

We recommend that the spacing of the African Thatch is no more than 330mm, but we can Re-Thatch to the original batten spacing if necessary. When Re-Thatching a metal framed structure the tiles are simply clipped on, or where there is a timber batten, tiles are stapled or nailed to the timber.

We remove old Thatch and replace it with Asphalt shingles, Colorbond or Timber Shingles

bali huts thatch or shingle roof

In case the existing frame does not allow the replacement of Thatch to Shingles, we will advise of the best solutions available.

DIY – We supply Thatch!

Yes! We do supply Thatch for DIY

Yes! We do supply Thatch for DIY

For the keen DIY enthusiast Bali oasis can supply the Thatch tiles and top cone. We can give advice and explain the process needed or even help with working out the number of thatch pieces that is needed for the individual job. The thatch can be delivered to the Hunter Region, including Newcastle, the Central Coast or Sydney, or picked up from our factory on the Central Coast. Read More

Bali Roof Thatching in Australia

Anyone who’s ever holidayed in Bali will no doubt have happy memories of a beautiful and tranquil island paradise. Included in those memories will be traditional Balinese roofs constructed of bamboo rafters and then thatched with natural grass to give an exotic appearance.

You can recapture those memories by installing Bali hut roof thatching on your pool hut, cabana or other garden structure. This gives a tropical feel to your outside space and fits in well with all surroundings.

Features and Benefits of Roof Thatching

Thatch is a traditional method of roofing a property and comprises overlapping bundles of dried grass stalks. It’s an environmentally friendly method of construction since it uses natural materials that require little processing and are fully sustainable, often the bi-products of food grain such as barley and wheat.

Thatch roofs are still common in many parts of the world but in developed countries such as Australia are rarely used on residential or commercial buildings. That’s partly due to insurance issues and because other, more modern solutions are available.

This type of roofing is still immensely popular for pool and garden buildings where it provides a rustic option that is both attractive and practical, with several other benefits that include:

  • ease of installation
  • natural insulation that offers maximum UV protection and lower temperatures in hot weather than other materials — up to 10-15 degrees cooler
  • good air flow through the thatch and no condensation, so it’s ideal for spas and outdoor cooking areas
  • extremely water resistant if installed properly at a steep enough roof pitch
  • long life and durability.

Only Fit the Best Bali Roof Thatching

Critics of natural grass thatching claim it needs a lot of maintenance, requires frequent replacement and is highly inflammable. That may apply to low quality thatching that’s been installed poorly but is not the case for installations by Bali Oasis. We only use the best quality Bali Alang Alang thatch or African Cape Reed grass that are covered by our five year installation warranty and backed by a $10 million insurance coverage. We can apply fire retardant to make all roofs non-flammable, which is essential in areas prone to bush fires.

All roofs have an Australian treated pine frame that is resistant to warping and cracking, and much sturdier than traditional bamboo rafters. The roofs are constructed with a 38-40 degree pitch to allow water runoff so the thatch doesn’t get soaked and rot.

This all means that Bali hut rethatching is a very rare occurrence and that maintenance is largely confined to a periodic check, especially after storms and high winds, to ensure the thatch isn’t damaged. When rethatching Bali huts is necessary, it is a relatively straightforward process and may even be covered by your property insurance if it’s due to storm damage.

Whether you have a cabana, gazebo, pool hut or other outside structure, Bali hut thatching can bring an exotic feel to your pool area or yard. And with the build quality and premium materials backed by years of experience, you’re assured of enjoying that feel for many years to come.

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If the client would like to remove the old thatch to save money, but would like the thatching done professionally we can also help. We are here to help as little or as much as you like!

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