Another Bali Hut Repaired and Re-Thatched

Task Re-Thatched with new quality Thatch – for a long lasting result!

bali hut re-thatching

Location: St Ives (before & after re-thatching)

This is what a quality Re-Thatching job on a Bali Hut looks like!

TASK Re-Thatching roof with long lasting Thatch

bali hut roof re-thatching

Location: Sydney (before & after)

From Thatch to Asphalt Shingle

TASK Remove the old Thatch on the Hut and replace with long lasting Asphalt Shingles

bali huts thatch or shingle roof

Location: Sydney (from thatch to shingle roof)

From Colorbond to Bamboo fence

Task Covering a Colorbond fence with Bamboo Panels

new bamboo fences

Thatch roof Hut is replaced with Asphalt Shingles

Task Replacing a Thatch roof Hut with Asphalt Shingles

thatch or asphalt shingle hut roof

Location: Sydney

From Colorbond fence to feature bamboo panels

Task Covering a Colorbond fence with Bamboo Panels to create a more appealing look

new fence bamboo panels

Location: Chatswood

Re-Thatching an African Hut

Task Replacing an old Thatch roof with a fresh new African Cape Reed Thatch roof

african hut roof rethatching

Location: Coffs Harbour