We offer the supply and build of:

  • Bali Alang Alang Thatch Huts (also known as Balinese Gazebos)
  • African Cape Reed Thatch Huts
  • Asphalt Shingle Huts
  • Our very own Hybrid Hut – Internal Balinese style and External Asphalt Shingle roof
  • Gazebos with Colorbond roof or your choice of roof to match your style
  • Bamboo Panels
  • Cabanas – Your individual style of Cabana based on our options listed above or your own individual taste.
  • Balinese decorations for your outdoor living

We also offer the following:

  • Huts, Gazebos and Cabana Repairs
  • Re-Thatching
  • Thatch sale
  • Bamboo Panels – we build Screens and Fences on site
We help you design the perfect garden with Huts, Decks, Landscape and anything else that will turn your backyard into a magic garden!

We help you design the perfect garden with Huts, Decks, Landscape and anything else that will turn your backyard into a magic garden!

Our products are designed to transform your backyard into a magic garden overnight. We want you to get exactly what you want and look at your latest garden addition and fall in love with it over and over again!

Our Thatch

We use naturally grown grasses for our Huts, Gazebos and Cabanas:

  • Alang Alang grass for our Bali Huts
  • Cape Reed tiles for our African Thatched Huts
Alang Alang grass for our Bali Huts

Alang Alang grass for our Bali Huts

Cape Reed tiles for our African Thatched Huts

Cape Reed tiles for our African Thatched Huts

We only use Premium grade, environmentally friendly thatch that is durable, has a long life span, and offers a natural aesthetic beauty.

White Bali string Versus Black Bali string

The colour of the string used in your Bali Thatch is an indication of strength and durability of your Bali Hut.

WHITE STRING – This string is of stronger material, therefore able to hold tighter and more Thatch each stitch. More Thatch means your roof will last longer!

BLACK STRING – This string usually holds Thatch that is made for local use in Bali and is not very strong. This means less Thatch is used and your roof will be very thin, lasting less than it could – sometimes lasting less than three years!

Our Timber, The Eco-Friendly Alternative

The timber we use to construct the roof beams and rafters of your Hut and Gazebo is made from Treated pine (graded to F7) and the round or square upright timber posts are H4 treated for in ground use. We use “checked in posts”. This means the posts are cut and inserted between the roof frame for extra strength and makes the Hut look better.

bali hut constructionBecause of the durability of the timber used we are able to give you our 25 year Manufacturer’s Warranty that protects against rot, decay and termites. The timber we use is stabilised and treated with safe Light Organic Solvent Preservatives (LOSP) to Hazard level 3. We only use premium quality plantation pine where possible.

Light Organic Solvent Preservatives are used where structures are subject to moist environments and timber is at risk of fungal decay. The treatment is non-corrosive and used where dimensional stability is important. We choose to use timber as it is a renewable and sustainable source as opposed to energy intensive materials such as steel, concrete, brick and aluminium.


All Huts are stained with 2 coats of premium, top of the range Haymes Simply woodcare Dexpress. By default we use a Merbau colour finish, but you can choose any other colour at no extra cost.


We use Hot Dipped Galvanised Bolts, Galvanised Brackets and Galvanised Treated Pine Screws that ensures long life, wear and durability!

Roof Design

We use the latest roof design software to ensure that all timber sizes are constructed according to Australian Standards. We can also supply you with drawings and design specifications if required.

bali huts central coast

All Huts, Gazebos and Cabanas can be customised with Decks and Bamboo screening to blend into your existing or new landscape design. All timber sizes are constructed according to Australian Standards and our thatch is Premium grade.

We also build Pergolas, Arbors, Pavilions, Carports and Skillion roof Huts at your specific dimensions and styles to match your house and surroundings.

We are all about personalisation, so when you look through our products, and wonder if something can be added or changed to your style, the answer is YES!


Bali Hut built in Rutherford, NSW


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timber decking
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