Pool Huts

Pool Huts

colorbond iron roof bali hutsMaking the Most of the Outdoors with a Pool Hut

Most Australians like an outdoor lifestyle although the hot summer sun can sometimes make that a bit of an ordeal. A good compromise is to have a pool hut installed, which will provide shade under its roof but can otherwise be open to the fresh air.

Colorbond Gazebo built in North Ryde

Colorbond Gazebo built in North Ryde

A pool hut can make the most of your pool area, transforming it into a serene and tranquil paradise where you can truly relax. It enables you to make the most of the outside space and is an ideal structure for any yard or pool area.

Different Styles to Choose from

Our standard pool huts come in a variety of types, sizes and materials. They can also be infinitely customised to meet your exact needs, although common to every hut is the high quality of materials and workmanship that applies to all of our products.

Most are constructed from solid timber frames, so they’re extremely rigid and durable, built to resist the most extreme of weather conditions. They have different roof styles that include natural grass thatch, asphalt shingles or Colorbond surfaces. The former can be either African Cape Reed tiles or Alang Alang grass, which has a fresh summer smell when first installed.

The steep pitch of our roof frames (typically 38-40 degrees) ensures rainwater runs straight off the roof. This, combined with the correct installation of the thatch, means it doesn’t become soaked with water and so is resistant to rot as a result. Air can flow naturally through the thatch and provides a cooling effect in summer (often 10-15 degrees lower than for other materials); wetting the grass on really hot days can provide additional cooling through evaporation.

If you’re not keen on thatch, shingle roofs are a practical alternative and provide an attractive appearance with minimum maintenance. Colorbond steel roofs are also available in a choice of colours and are tried and tested in Australian conditions, ensuring outstanding, long-life performance.

A Bespoke Pool Hut that Exactly Meets your Needs

In addition to varying sizes and roof styles, pool huts can also be customised in a variety of ways to create the structure you need.

You can add decking and steps, wooden balustrades and solid panels for extra privacy and shelter from the breeze. You can make it as open or enclosed as you wish and can finish off with selected furniture, a hot tub or other fittings. Add lighting and fans if needed — in short, make the structure exactly to your liking.

Before buying, research extensively, looking at different sizes and shapes to fit your available space and costs that meet your budget. Then choose the style and size you want, add a decking floor, customise with selected options and select the finish.

Whatever you choose, at Bali Oasis, we’ll ensure that the end result meets your aims. You’ll have a great looking, low maintenance and extremely adaptable pool hut that will give many years of service, enabling you to enjoy the outdoor life whatever the weather.

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