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Unlike our competitors, when Bali Oasis fits a Balinese pergola, it has been designed specifically for you. With our own workshop, we create a pergola that perfectly suits your requirements, budget and taste. We work with you to create the pergola of your dreams, and we even provide additional services that can create a landscaped area of your garden that you just love to relax in.

Colorbond Gazebo built in North Ryde

Colorbond Gazebo built in North Ryde

Bali Oasis is proud to offer bespoke designs and Bali hut pergolas for everyone, and with our team of friendly staff, we ensure the design and build experience is seamless right from the start.

Why You Need a Pergola!

We offer pergolas in Sydney because they’re in huge demand. These are garden structures that consist of a wooden framework that is designed for trailing and climbing plants. As the plants grow around the wooden framework, they become a natural barrier between you and the direct sunlight. They allow you to create a shaded region in your garden that seamlessly blends into the landscape and foliage of the outdoor space, creating a traditional look.

This is a classic, English garden style shelter that looks amazing all year round. And, as the appearance of a pergola depends entirely on the plants you use, every single one looks completely unique.

We think you’ll love a pergola because it creates additional garden space that you can use for relaxing and entertaining. You can customise it however you like, choose whatever plants you prefer, and add definition to your yard in a totally unique way. It’s, of course, an amazing way to protect yourself from the Australian sunshine, too.

So whether you add the pergola to the side of your building to create an extension of your property, or you want a standalone pergola at the end of your garden, Bali Oasis can create something perfect for you.

Decking and Fencing Options Available

Want to create the perfect outdoor space? Not only can we create a custom pergola for you, we even provide decking and fencing options. Our team can create a decked space for you to entertain and relax, either under or around your new pergola. And, for added privacy, we offer bamboo and wooden fencing options designed to your exact specifications.

We take our workmanship seriously, so you can rest assured everything is made from the highest quality materials and installed by experienced professionals.

Get a Quote for a Custom Pergola Design

Want to know how much a bespoke pergola design will set you back? At Bali Oasis, we aim to provide the most reasonable prices for our custom design, build, and installation services. We’re confident you’ll love our product and the price, and we’re always happy to provide an obligation-free quote.

Get in touch with the team via email or phone, using the details on our contact page, and we’ll be back in touch to answer any questions you might have or to arrange a time to visit your property and discuss a detailed quote with you. We’ll walk through everything you want and need, make suggestions, come up with a design and tell you the great price we can offer you.

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