colorbond iron roof bali hutsThe Changing Face of Pool Cabanas in Sydney

While many people may associate cabanas with an earlier era and think of them as portable and flimsy beach shelters, they are firmly back in fashion and are here to stay. That’s partly because they’ve now been re-invented as sophisticated and luxurious structures that will enhance any pool area.

Colorbond Gazebo built in North Ryde

Colorbond Gazebo built in North Ryde

These days, outdoor cabanas are almost unrecognisable from their earlier counterparts. Rather than being a simple three wall shelter next to the pool, they can now have kitchenettes, bars and luxurious living and dining spaces. However, they can also be installed as simple shelters that enable you to get outside but have the benefit of shade in the hottest weather — the choice is yours.

Multiple Uses for Cabanas in Sydney

Cabanas can be installed for al fresco dining, as pool houses or garden retreats where you can relax and socialise in the shade or as entertainment or lounge areas. You can install all manner of fittings to make the cabana suitable for all sorts of purposes and can customise it in many different ways.

They can be designed as structures that are open on all sides so that movement and cooling breezes are unrestricted or can be fully or partially enclosed to provide privacy and shelter. You can have a decking floor in a variety of finishes to match the structure and can have a choice of roofs — natural grass thatch, asphalt shingles or Colorbond — for an exotic feel or practicality.

All posts are solid and set in firm foundations for rigidity and durability while panelling and the roof frame are of best quality materials and treated to prevent any deterioration. Roof insulation, steps and entry doors can be included in the design while optional extras include electrics, internal fittings, gutters and downpipes, linings and water tanks to collect rainwater for irrigation. You can also add a bar area, serving counter, storage for toys and equipment, a television, furniture and play equipment such as a pool table — whatever you wish.

If your cabana meets all development standards for exempt development, you won’t need any planning approval. If it doesn’t, you can instead apply for a complying development certificate or a development application.

Choosing the Best Cabanas for Sale in Sydney

If you want a cabana that will really enhance your pool area or garden, take a look at our range. We have all sorts of styles, sizes, shapes and finishes that will fit in with any surroundings. Added to that, we can custom make all our cabanas to create exactly the effect you want.

Whatever the size and shape of your space and irrespective of the surroundings, we can design, make and install a cabana that will look great and provide everything you need. We’ll ensure it’s practical, functional, long-lasting and complies with pool safety standards, so you’ll have no worries. And worries are the last thing you need with a cabana because its main purpose is to allow you to relax and really enjoy your outdoor space.

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