Bali Huts Central Coast

Bali Huts Central Coast

bali huts central coastTropical and Relaxing outdoor living

Our Balinese huts with Bali-Thatched roofs set a beautiful natural ambience that can transform or add  to any garden, landscape, backyard, resort, pool, spa, or entertaining area.

Bali Huts add a tropical feel to your garden and a significant value to any property, with a noticeably cooler area to escape that harsh summer heat!

Deck and Bali Hut at Turramurra

Deck and Bali Hut at Turramurra

Bali Hut unique features

  • 75mm Thatch spacing
  • Checked-in posts
  • 40 Degree Pitch
  • Class 4 Galvanised fixings
  • 2 Coats of stain
  • Thatch is plucked
  • Thatch is Wet & Raked
  • Optional treated pine or hardwood posts
  • Export quality Thatch
  • Installation by qualified Carpenter/Landscaper
  • Customisable to any size
  • Personalise with decks and steps,bamboo screens

Our team offers the best in Bali Hut designs

We are highly trained in the techniques that makes our Thatched roofs superior in quality and appearance. We can custom build your hut, Pavilion, outdoor room or Gazebo to suit your specific requirements or project. Our team consist of a fully qualified landscaper and carpenter team, who will ensure each job is constructed professionally and promptly.

Bali Huts Thatched roofs

Bali Hut view from inside

Bali Hut view from inside. Our Thatch looks neat and tidy because we wet and rake it during installation


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Quality Constructions

To ensure we build the best Bali Hut structures we source quality materials. Our company directly imports Alang Alang grass Thatch from Indonesia. This Thatching is specifically made stronger and thicker for Australian conditions (Referred to as Export Quality).

It is made using a white string that is woven around the Alang Alang and onto a Bamboo stick. This Thatch can also be purchased in a certified fire retardant form which looks the same but has properties that will reduce the spread of flame and comply with Australian regulations.

Our Bali Thatch has been highly recognised as the best in the industry and as such leading organisations such as the Sydney Taronga Zoo has used our Products and Services in the new construction of their tiger viewing platform. We have also Re-thatched structures in and around the Elephant compound.

Our roofing frame timbers are constructed using premium grade H3, F7 LOSP Treated Pine. This is sourced from local Australian companies. The posts come in several  different shapes and sizes to choose from. The standard post options are :

  • 140 x 140 H4  treated pine
  • 200 mm  H4 round treated pine
  • 200x 200 square Hardwood  Ironbark posts

The Hardwood Ironbark is a class 1 for strength and durability and make for the perfect solid, chunky post under any Bali Hut!

bali hut central coast sydney

When it comes to construction there are many vital steps we take to ensure the bali hut is built correctly

  • We “Check in” our posts, meaning we take the time to cut out a section or step in the top of each post, then the perimeter beam is installed into the cut-out section ensuring the load from the roof frame is distributed evenly through the post. This is best carpentry practice which does not rely on screws to hold the beam up whilst looking neat and tidy.
  • Where possible we construct our Thatched hipped roofs at 40 degrees. This is a  huge factor for the longevity of the Thatch. The steeper roof ensures better drainage capabilities and also dramatically reduces the potential of Thatch damage caused by higher winds.
  • We  Thatch our Bali Hut roofs at 75mm Thatch spacing, combined with using our premium Thatch makes for a roof that will last longer and be more resistant to the elements. Thatch spacing is very important – We make sure your Hut is built to last.
  • Thatch can sometimes wear quicker at the bottom so we space our first rows of Thatch closer ensuring a more durable hut.
  • We pre-manufacture our hips to be thicker stronger and better looking
  • We “ Wet and Rake “ your roof during construction. This guarantees a well groomed appearance (much like brushing your hair)
  • We “pluck” the Internal Thatch. This process provides an internal Thatch that is straight and free of loose or daggy Thatch
  • We use class 4 galvanised batten screws to construct the frame
  • We seal the top of your Hut with 4 layers of Thatch and your choice of terracotta finish to complete it
  • We stain our huts with 2 coats of top quality Haymes acrylic stain.

Bali Hut with Asphalt Shingle Roof

Are you looking for a Bali Hut with life long durability?

Our Premium Bali Hut with an Asphalt shingle roof is what you have been looking for!

Bali Hut with Shingle roof option - Bali Oasis very own Hybrid design, built in Terrigal

Bali Hut with Shingle roof option – Bali Oasis very own Hybrid design, built in Terrigal

This is our very own Hybrid design, providing a long lasting solution to our clients, concerned with the longevity of Thatched roofs. We Thatch internally and place Asphalt Shingles externally.

Bali Hut with Shingle roof viewed from inside - Bali Oasis very own Hybrid design with the Bali look and durability of Asphalt Shingles!

Bali Hut with Shingle roof viewed from inside – Bali Oasis very own Hybrid design with the Bali look and durability of Asphalt Shingles!

A fantastic option for those who wish to maintain the tropical mood but want to have minimal maintenance! Read More

Making the Most of the Central Coast

The Central Coast has one of the best climates in Australia although there can be extremely high temperatures in summer and heavy downpours throughout the year. As a result, there’s a need for shelter and shade to enjoy the outdoor life to the full and that can be provided by having a Bali hut in your pool area or garden.

Owning a Bali hut can have many benefits, although there can be some drawbacks if you make the wrong choice. Buying cheap usually means buying poor quality and is something you’ll regret for a long time.

The Benefits of Bali Huts on the Central Coast

Install a quality Bali hut and you’ll:

  • be able to fully appreciate the outdoor life with a flexible space you can use for relaxing, socialising, eating and any other purpose you choose
  • increase the value of your property with a quality structure that will really enhance the outdoor area
  • be protected from harmful UV rays
  • stay up to 10-15 degrees cooler in the shade and benefit from airflow through a natural grass thatched roof
  • relax in comfort under an aesthetically pleasing structure.

Bali huts that are thatched with natural grass, including Cape Reed tiles, are environmentally friendly since they’re made from sustainable materials that require little processing. They’ve also come a long way from the traditional native huts, being much more elegant and robust. As a result, they not only look great, but they’re resistant to high winds, water damage and attacks from wild birds, termites and other creatures.

Modern Bali huts can now realistically last up to 15-20 years compared to the 3-5 years of poor quality products. Wood can be treated against rot and termite damage while the thatch can be made fire resistant, all of which make the hut more resilient and long-lasting.

Best Results through Quality Products

The best outcome can only be achieved by buying the highest quality products that are installed correctly and properly maintained. At Bali Oasis, our aim is to provide an outstanding Bali hut that you’ll treasure for a long time. In order to do that, we:

  • install a steeply pitched roof, generally 38-40 degrees, so that rainwater runs off and doesn’t soak the thatch, if installed
  • only use the finest materials, which include high quality, treated Australian pine for the frame and roof trusses and Alang Alang grass for the thatch
  • offer a choice of roofs, either Alang Alang thatch, African Cape Reed tiles, asphalt shingles or Colorbond steel so that buyers can have exactly the effect they want
  • use thick, solid posts to add rigidity to the frame
  • have strict quality control procedures to ensure every aspect of each installation is to the highest possible standard
  • offer fire retardant processing for the thatched roofs, which is essential for those in bushfire areas
  • provide a customised service so that each hut can be truly unique and exactly right for your site.

The outcome is a Bali hut you’ll be proud of, both when it’s installed and for many years to come. It will withstand harsh weather conditions, provide shade and keep you cool in hot weather, keep out the rain and be a great addition to your pool area or yard.

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Asphalt shingles are very durable with a life expectancy of 30+ years. READ MORE

* OPTIONAL: Hardwood Posts

* Bali Huts are stained with 2 coats of premium, top of the range Haymes Simply woodcare Dexpress. By default we use a Merbau colour finish, but you can choose any other colour.

We do the best to build the best!

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